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Why Can't I Stay Motivated?

Why can't I stay motivated? This has to be one of the biggest challenges I see as a health care practitioner... We all have good intentions to keep up with good eating habits and exercise only to constantly fall short and then have to start all over again living in that vicious cycle of stop and start.

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated especially with your exercise schedule as most often that seems to be the first casualty....

1. In my experience, changing your mindset about exercise is the first step towards success. Try to look as exercise as not a "chore" but instead as part of your weekly routine. Plot out your exercise and build it into your existing schedule for example Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are my exercise day's whether you attend a class or simply walk on those day's but they are part of that day's schedule and you stick to it..

2. Change it up, try not to repeat the same class, walk, or exercise routine, that get's boring and old really fast. Look at exercise as something fun to do try different classes, or simply walk a different neighborhood. This is also much more beneficial for your weight loss goals as the bodies metabolism will run more efficiently with different work outs. Cross Train it really does make a difference.

3. If you do miss one of your scheduled days do not stress about it but get right back to your routine. So many times you miss a day or two or three and before you know it a month or two has gone by and you've fallen right back to zero and have to start all over again. Stopping and starting are so difficult for you mind and body since you feel like you are always chasing!!!

4. Do whatever it takes!! Sometimes it's an event that's got you motivated, a wedding or big birthday coming up that you want to look great for but sometimes do something sneaky like I do and buy yourself a new workout top, or leggings and look forward to wearing those to your next class...

5. Finally, just show up!! Yes some day's it really sucks and you don't feel great or you are exhausted but let me tell you by the time you finish that class or just taking that walk you will feel so much better that when you started.... by just showing up it will pay your body and mind back in dividends more that you can ever imagine...

Trust me if I did have the magic solution for people to stay motivated I would be a zillionare but I hope by sharing some of these tips it may help some to stay on track and stay in the zone.

Just Keep On Moving

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